Announcing our Special Guest Instructors and Team!!

Great news!! We have secured our special guest instructors that will be coming to Alberta's Scrapbook Your Heart retreat May 22-24, 2009!!

Leica Forrest - Leica is a creative powerhouse coming as a special guest instructor from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!! She was particularly interested in this retreat as she has personally suffered great loss over the past year and has found healing and inspiration through scrapbooking!! In Leica's "spare time", she takes care of the loves of her life... hubby, two boys and finally a baby girl that she can scrapbook with real "girly" stuff!! Check out more at

Jill Hildebrand - Jill has a distinct style of scrapbooking and it totally matches her uncanny ability to ensure everyone has a good time!! She can take bits and pieces from all kinds of places and create a thing of beauty... kind of like our lives sometimes!! She hails from Crystal City, Manitoba where she helps farm with her hubby and 3 kids and is excited about helping women face some of their fears, pick up the pieces and make something beautiful out of their life!! Check out more at

And in case you are not familiar with the other team members...

Allison Orthner - Allison is passionate about life in general, but especially gets excited helping women explore matters of the heart and including them in their scrapbooks! With her love of photography, scrapbooking and inspiring women, she is looking forward to helping attendees understand how they are "Princess Warriors" in this world! She plays house in Calgary with her gorgeous "gadget guy" husband and two amazing kids who are the FOCUS of most of her photos (pun totally intended!!!) Check out more at

Christine Collier - Christine is affectionately known as Calgary's Craft Diva and comes as no surprise that she is going to teach the "Princess" layout at the retreat! She truly has a heart for women and her desire is that we ALL can view ourselves as special "princesses" in this world and celebrate WHO we are EXACTLY as we are! Christine lives in Calgary with her hubby and two kids who enjoy their mom's assorted crafts gracing their home from top to bottom!!!

Christy Riopel - Christy is co-owner of one of Canada's Top kit club called and is proud to be our MC for the weekend as well as instructor for our "Warrior" layout at the retreat! She is also hoping to guide attendees through a simple, but effective way to journal heart matters on your layouts and be strong and proud about some of the not-so-pretty things we have endured! Christy hangs out in Calgary with her hubby and two kids and enjoys running her business and teaching at the Scrapbook Pantry. Check out more at

We have approximately 10 spots left so be sure to register soon!


  1. Wow, this is going to be sooo awesome!

  2. Oh I wanna go :( No fair.... have an AWESOME time ladies!!!!